Living With Bipolar Disorder

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If you wish to learn to live and cope with Bipolar Disorder, then get "Living With Bipolar Disorder" compiled by a real person of experience on this subject.
This is a guide on how to live with bipolar disorder. It's about bipolar disorder or manic depressive illness. The methods expressed in this how to deal with bipolar guide, have been proven to work. I believe that they would work for anyone who has the initiative to use and develop them..
There is a Step-By-Step Twelve Step Guide, with instructions on how to deal with your bipolar disorder and how to achieve a more productive, happy and stable life, when dealing with this disease.
The guide consists of these topics listed here: - Know your Disease, Admit you have a problem and diagnose it - Locate a great psychiatrist and counselor - Change your outlook on life and how you see yourself - Work your program - Learn to see signs of trouble: - Make amends and forgiving yourself - Conquer your fears and handling stress - Medications, The Phases and Hospitalizations - Take advantage of the new "YOU" - Follow the Steps to a new life - Help others to help themselves - Reflect and Learn from your past

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