Handmade Jewelry Making

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März 2014



Ever desired to help make your own jewelry? Well you can now with this particular detailed and instructive guide. You'll amaze your buddies and family whenever you let them know that incredible jewellery piece is made on your part. Filled with color photos the writer takes you through step-by-step. Even when you've done some jewellery making before guide is filled with great information. Within this guide:
- Learn the tools of the trade and the correct and incorrect way to use them. As well as safety precautions you should take when dealing with certain materials or tools. - Learn how to incorporate different materials into your jewelry such as clay, buttons, sequins and chains. - Learn how to make and use your own beading loom. - Learn to bead off the loom using both large and teeny tiny beads. - Make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, pins, and pendants. The guide is specifically designed so you can jump right in to a specific project or start from the beginning. The author even gives you a list of places to find specific tools and supplies that you may need, as well as tips to help you save money in your jewelry making endeavors.

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