Fly-Fishing For Beginners

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März 2014



If you wish to learn to fly fish, then get "Fly-Fishing For Beginners" guide that is compiled by a person with real experience of fly-fishing.
You'll learn about: - Fish, mainly trout - their habits, favorite foods, secret hiding places and how to fool them with a tiny artificial fly - Equipment - from rods and reels to nets and waders, what to look for in good gear and what you need in a beginner's setup - Reading water - recognizing structure and current patterns that make for good fly fishing water; temperature, clarity and flow rates for optimal conditions - Insects - mayflies, caddis flies, stone flies, even grasshoppers; why the fish cannot resist them; selecting artificial flies to match the real thing - Casting - basic instruction on how to get the fly in the air and onto the water; we'll look at tempo and line management, and provide a couple of expert tips - Hooking and playing a fish - what to do when you hook into a big, strong fish; techniques for working the rod and controlling the line - Landing and releasing fish - how to handle and remove the hook from a tired trout in as little time as possible, sending it back home alive and well - Hiring a guide - the benefits of spending a little cash for a lot of experience - Drift boats - the allure of fly fishing from a river craft designed to maximize your success on the water - Learning more - where to find the best tips and information on everything from history and conservation to tying your own flies There's much more, including a section on putting together a perfect day of fly fishing on a classic river.

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