Drawing Shojo Manga 2

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März 2014



This book mainly concentrate on character creating, Mainly how you can create your own shoujo character, We focus more regarding how to draw significant faces and draw significant clothing and also to refer to it as your personal and never to be mistaken with other kinds of manga because reading through this could cause you to understand every kinds of styles available.
Reading through this book alone is going to be like reading through all the books available that concentrate on how you can design a personality, because In this fashion, you aren't only one styles but these! it could seem impractical however it remains it is true. I've complied many of the a few things i learned coming from all the books I've read but they're insufficient simply because they usually concentrate on "I'll demonstrate how you can draw like me" kinds of training, However I made the right kind of guideline myself that forces you to understand how to draw all figures available, by considering the types of others you'll understand what category they fit in with or which kind of facial styles they will use or even the fundamental shape they accustomed to make that kind of clothing or face similar to the way a psychiatrist browse the minds of individuals.

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