Drawing Fantasy Characters

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Juli 2014



Create your own fantasy world filled with your own character creations.
This guide is for artists of all skills levels - and for those who don't quite consider themselves artists yet! The guide includes detailed instructions for how to create your characters from start to finish, including written instructions as well as detailed illustrations.
Some of the chapters in the guide are: - Choosing and drawing dynamic poses - Exploring different types of fantasy characters - Warriors, soldiers, and other armored characters - Mages, spirits, and other magical beings
And others! The guide will start with the basic building blocks of drawing - building up the basic forms in pencil sketches - and help you works you way up to building fully colored character designs unique to you! If you're ready to create your own magical world, then the "How to Draw Fantasy Characters" guide is for you!

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Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2014
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