Drawing Animals For Beginners

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Juli 2014



If you never drew before, it will be a great start, and if you do like drawing and have some experience on it this book will help you to open your eyes beyond the skill towards vital principles of drawing. Our expert proposes various exercises from coordination skills to visual ability, finalizing the projects with a portfolio of different shadowing and coloring techniques to familiarize yourself to the open world of illustration.
By the title you can see that all this experience will be focused on animal drawing, but what you will learn here is much more open than just a set of rules or hits about animals itself, are large researched instructions which aim to enable you to be able to create a connection between the theory and skill by yourself, being this way more than explanations only about beautiful and intriguing animals, but an experience about drawing as a whole as well.

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Verlag: RZ Aklat
Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2014
Format: epub eBook
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