Song of the Flesh

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Januar 2015



This is the story of Ruby Wilson whose beauty was something startling. She was born somewhere and brought up in the back of a hat shop owned by her Aunt Carrie. Men always slipped in and out of Aunt Carrie's life. Ruby was never shocked. This novel of the Roaring Twenties spares nobody's feelings as it follows how Ruby took to men, and how men took to Ruby. Ruby of the flaxen hair, pale skin, and long eyes also had a vicious temper, but when men saw her image on a billboard with the legend Wear Ruby Garters they wanted her. Among her suitors were Nicki the Greek, to whom Aunt Carrie clung desperately; Red, the lingerie salesman; Karl, whose parents owned the furniture store where Ruby's greatest romance found a darkened happiness; and finally Jed, whose squirrel coat Ruby enjoyed so much she wore it in bed. When Ruby was ready to spread her wings and fly beyond the boundaries of her hometown, would she be haunted by her past suitors and coaxed to remain within the confines of what she had always known, or would she find herself free to soar into the larger world, ready to take on new adventures and find someone who could secure her lasting affection?

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