Extraordinary Thoughts of Jonah Paladin

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Title: "Extraordinary Thoughts of Jonah Paladin"
Subtitle: " ancient story of challenges, choices & consequences"
Author: Russell R. Esposito. Publisher: The New York Learning Library (
Category: Educational Fiction Copyright: 2014
Jack's grandfather accidentally finds an ancient book in the family's farm house. They discover a story that was written over 500 years ago! The book tells the story of Jonah Paladin's astonishing adventures that offer mystery, suspense, and humor, as well as clever solutions to challenges that are truly enlightening. Jonah and his companion, Julia, overcome their difficulties using logic and unique problem-solving insights during their challenging odyssey. "Extraordinary Thoughts of Jonah Paladin" is an exceptional and uplifting experience that will enrich your entire family's mind and spirit.
Jonah and Julia encounter many difficulties imposed by an amusing but troublesome sorcerer, and are obstructed by a mysterious feathered giant. They meet many other fascinating characters in an ancient mystical forest, some who help and others who hinder. And finally, after many terrifying events, Jonah and Julia cleverly outwit their foes, and together learn many important lessons during this challenging odyssey.
Prologue - Grandpa's Discovery (chapter excerpts...)
If you had heard the sound of that wind ripping through the farm's wire fence, you'd swear it was the howl of some strange animal wailing in the wilderness. As I glanced at the fencing while walking up the porch steps there was a sudden... CRASH! The loud noise came from inside the house. I quickly pushed open the front door and rushed inside to see my grandfather sitting on the kitchen floor among lots of broken bits and pieces.
Chapter 1 - The Monk's Nest (chapter excerpts...)
As the monk looked down from his nest, his eyes quickly riveted onto something... something terrifying. It was an archer, mostly concealed in the shadows and standing with bow drawn and arrow at the ready... aimed right at him. In the next instant, the monk saw the point of an arrowhead in front of his face!
Chapter 12 - Letters that Make Saggio Laugh (chapter excerpts...)
Saggio beamed and burst out laughing, "Ha ha, getting paid for something I'm already working on for my own purposes. What's better than this!" Saggio rattled the coins in his two fists while he cackled with laughter. "This is too good to be true, old Malvagio is giving me money for my little 'Jonah project' that I've already started!
Chapter 16 - A Sorcerer Afflicted with Affection (chapter excerpts...)
"Nothing. To be honest, Fayrissa, I stirred up a little trouble for Jonah knowing it would bring you here. I just wanted to see you before your trip to Duiblinn, so we could chat and maybe have some tea together," Saggio's smile sparkled.
"What? Saggio, you've lost your mind! I want nothing to do with you or your evil witchcraft."
Chapter 26 - Creative Logic (chapter excerpts...)
Julia explained, "If the sack contains a squashed grape, that means I must have picked and dropped the round one, it's only logical."
Julia smiled as she enjoyed her logical solution, as well as the double pleasure of outwitting the cheating giant.

Chapter 30 - A Hidden Negotiation
"Brilliant! Fantastic!" Saggio laughed. "Jonah, you are truly a very smart young man indeed. What a terrific plan, very nice effort." Saggio paused then spoke softly. "But I'm sorry, Jonah, you lost this negotiation. However, believe me, you wont regret signing up for three years.... We will be powerful and wealthy, I promise you."
Epilogue - Grandpa's Uncharted Chats (chapter excerpts...)
But like a prickly grain of sand lodged in an oyster's shell from which a pearl is born, little pearls of wisdom often spring from Grandpa's uncharted chats...and a small serendipitous story may surface that we'll all enjoy. And that is precisely the magic and marvel of storytelling.

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Untertitel: . An Ancient Story of Challenges, Choices & Consequences. Sprache: Englisch.
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