The Complete Detective

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To anyone who has followed his career, Ray Schindler was the greatest detective of the mid-twentieth century. He was a pioneer in scientific detection before modern forensic science, and he handled more than 10,000 cases covering almost every crime recorded on the police blotter. Rupert Hughes acts as a faithful Dr. Watson to Schindler's Holmes, and guides us from case to case, watching a man who can't be excited, can't be stampeded , and can't be frightened; a man who matches ingenuity of crime with an even greater mental resourcefulness; a man who has a dogged determination and a big fighting heart. Ray Schindler's biography is the story of a great investigator, of a life that is packed with exciting adventures, and of criminals who are outwitted, out-fought, and defeated. Mere fictional detective stories pale in comparison to the real life drama inherent in every one of Ray Schindler's cases.


By Rupert Hughes - Foreword by Erle Stanley Gardner
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Untertitel: The Life and Strange and Exciting Cases of Raymond Schindler, Master Detective. Sprache: Englisch.
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