The Jungle Books

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The Jungle Books tell the story of the irrepressible Mowgli, who is rescued as a baby from the jaws of the evil tiger, Shere Khan. Raised by wolves and guided by Baloo the bear, Mowgli and his animal friends embark on a series of hair-raising adventures through the jungles of India.


Rudyard Kipling


Loved by children and adults alike Daily Mail The original stories of The Jungle Book surpass all rollicking Disneyfied expectations. On one level, the Mancub's education is pure entertainment; on another, the jungle is symbolic of Kipling's philosophy of life, a moral playground in which the young learn to swing on the vines of life The Times One of the greatest writers that Britain has ever produced -- Griff Rhys Jones The incantatory text of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Books still rewards reading aloud Sunday Times [Its] lasting power to enchant lies not in a contrived simplicity of language - it makes no concession to the age or verbal dexterity of the reader - but rather to its uncanny understanding of the adult within every child -- Beryl Bainbridge
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