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Januar 2005



WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), an ITU standardderived from code division multiple access (CDMA) is officiallyknown as IMT-2000 direct spread. WCDMA is a third generation mobilewireless technology offering much higher data speeds to mobile andportable wireless devices than commonly offered in today'smarket. WCDMA is a relatively new technology and there islittle information in the public domain about specific designissues. The proposed book will discuss UMTS/WCDMA from theperspective of a potential development engineer, who may haveexperience of GSM but none of WCDMA technology. The book willoutline the design specifications and potential problems andsolutions faced by by an engineer designing a mobile device such asa handset.
WCDMA: Requirements and Practical Design:

* Offers in-depth coverage of the critical issues in designing aUMTS handset modem.
* Discusses the practical design elements of a UMTSmodem.
* Authored by leaders in their field, working atUbinetics.
Highly relevant to professional software engineers, Designengineers, Electrical engineers (RF base-band, DSP software,protocol software), technical managers, postgraduate students andacademics.
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