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Q School is one of the most eye-popping, head-spinning, nerve-tingling sporting tests ever invented: golfers who succeed there can shoot to the very top echelon while those who crash and burn may never recover. It's not a place for the faint-hearted and to emerge triumphant deserves a badge of courage.

The Q School graduates roll of honour dates back to 1976 with Woosnam and then Lyle; it includes Montgomerie and Olazabal, and has moved on to the likes of Westwood, Harrington, Rose and Poulter (who needed an astonishing four visits before he got through). They all became superstars, yet still acknowledge the struggle that defines the School.

Almost 1,000 players start out at Q School every year, hunting for a European Tour Card that opens the door to the possibility of millions of euros in prize money and a jet-set lifestyle, but success is exceptional because only a few Cards are available.

Now, after exploring all 40 years of this wonderfully compelling golf tournament and interviewing hundreds of pros, bestselling author Ross Biddiscombe has constructed a remarkable Q School volume, revisioning his past writings and adding plenty of insightful new material.

Q School is an ultimate challenge for golfers and a thrill-fest for fans - it makes this book a must-read for golf devotees.


Ross Biddiscombe has written a dozen non-fiction sports books and Ryder Cup Revealed is his third golf title. Earlier book topics include American football, the business of sport and the official encyclopaedia of Manchester United FC. His other two golf titles were published under the Golf On The Edge brand name and studied the European Tour Qualifying School. Ross has been a journalist and writer for over 30 years,working in almost every part of the print and broadcast media industry during that time.Ross lives in London with his wife Kate and is trying hard to return his golfing handicap back to single figures.Follow Ross on his on Twitter @Golf_OnThe_Edge.
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