Rosa's Piano Book - Fake Book No. 1 (Gospel Songs)

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September 2014



Rosa's Adult Piano Book: Fake Book No. 1 Music Sheets, Chord charts, Reharmonization Chords (Basic and Advanced)

10 Classic Hymns & All-Time Favorite Gospel Songs:
1. Alleluia 2. When I Survey The Wondrous Cross 3. Amazing Grace 4. Be Thou My Vision 5. Trust and Obey 6. Day By Day 7. Thanks To God 8. Silent Night 9. Onward Christian Soldiers 10. It is Well With My Soul
I am thrilled to produce this fake book for my students. From the feedback of students, I have now put in some extra features in this fake book.
There are 3 sections for each Song so that students can do 3 things:
1. Lead Sheets With Basic Chords:
Play from the music score with chord notations.
2. Chord Charts:
Play by ear from the chord charts. Visually see distinctive patterns in the songs Listen to the repetitive chord progressions.
3. Reharmonization: Places to put in Chord Substitutions:
minor chord substitutions, Major 7 chord substitutions, Major 9 chord substitutions, Secondary Dominant Chord Substitutions.

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