Piano Lesson #1 - Piano Techniques - Octave Bass, Octave Drums with Video Demos - Song: Alleluia (Learn Piano With Rosa)

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Juli 2014



In this Piano Lesson #1 - Beginners Level, you will learn a Left Hand Easy Technique that will give you a lot of mileage in your piano playing.

There will be lots of video demonstrations to show you  how to play octave bass and octave drum in your Left Hand.

Professional musicians play the bass in octaves and they know how to make interesting dramatic sounds by varying the rhythm with the thumb. I show you at least 6 different ways to vary the rhythmic sound of the bass so that you can see how a little change can make your piano playing sound beautiful.

Audio and video demos are provided for easy learning.

I show the Right Hand with one melody tone for beginners so that you can coordinate both hands easily. All the demos are done in the Key of C.

To play piano well, you need to understand song structure and rhythmic patterns of songs. I use the simple gospel song Alleluia toI show you patterns in lyrics, in song structure, song rhythm and chord progressions of Alleluia.

The following topics are covered:

1.0  Song - Alleluia
2.0  Song Sheet: Alleluia
3.1  Song Analysis
3.2  Song structure - A A' B
3.3  Accented Syllables - Strong beat
3.4  Repeating Patterns in Songs
4.0  Chord Progression
5.0  Rhythm Chart of the Song
6.0 All Piano Techniques have Patterns
7.0 Think in Chord Tone Numbers
8.0 Finger Numbers
9.0 Left Hand Pattern Techniques (PT)
9.1 LH Octave Bass
9.2 LH Octave Drum
10. LH Octave Bass and Octave Drum
11.1 Right Hand - One Melody Tone
11.2 Right Hand - One Melody Tone with Higher Octaves
12.1 Level 1 - Coordinating Both Hands
12.2 Level 2 - Both Hands Playing Alleluia
13.0 Get Audio a

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