Piano Lesson #10 - Piano Techniques - Ballad 9, Hypnotic 9, Grace Notes with Video Demos - It is Well With My Soul (Learn Piano With Rosa)

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Juli 2014



This Piano Lesson #10 teaches you about the 9th tone and how to incorporate ballad 9 and its variations into your songs.
You learn different rhythmic ballad style in your Left Hand.
On the right hand, you learn how to incorporate grace notes to melody tones. Video demos are shown using the song, "It is well with my soul".
A link is provided for you to download the video demonstrations.
The following topics are covered in Lesson #10:
Chapter 1 It Is Well With My Soul Chapter 2 Music Score Chapter 3 Song Analysis Chapter 4 Song Structure A B Chapter 5 Chord Progression Chapter 6 Rhythmic Chart 4/4 Chapter 7: The 9th Color Tone Added Chapter 8: 9th CHORDS ARE 5-TONE CHORDS Chapter 9 Substituting 9th Chords to "It is well with My Soul" Chapter 10 Add 9 Chapter 11 Ballad 9 Style Chapter 12 Left Hand - Ballad 9 Chapter 13 Left Hand - Hypnotic 9 Chapter 14 Right Hand Grace Notes Chapter 15 Both Hands Playing - Level 1 Chapter 16 Both Hands Playing - Level 2
Have Fun :)

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