My Piano Dream - Eureka! I Finally Developed A Piano Method For My Students (Learn Piano With Rosa)

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Juli 2014



Playing piano has been a fascinating journey for me. I used to lament about missing my opportunity to learn piano when I was a child. Who would have ever thought that one day I would become the author of many piano books?
In my growing up years & adult life, something else always took a greater priority than playing piano. I never dreamed to become a piano teacher. How did all this happen? The fun & thrilling journey continues. And here is my exciting piano journey - My Piano Dream Came True!
This is my story! Many different unexpected events that happened turned into God's message to me. I unfold this part of my life that I seldom talk about.
And what is even more fantastic is that after 30+ years, I finally developed a method for my students to play piano in such a way that their dreams also come true.
My Piano Dream Came True!
I have finally developed a piano method for my students.
1. Self-taught Pianist 2. In Front of the Piano 3. A Musician Journey 4. The Method 5. Playing Others Piano 6. Piano Teachers 7. Playing For Different Occasions 8. Inside The Mind of A Performer 9. A Disastrous Performance 10. Elephant Foot 11. Playing For the Choir 12. Fulfilling a Piano Dream 13. Playing Effortlessly 14. Think in a NEW Way 15. See Simple Patterns 16. Grow In Small Steps

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