Music Theory 2 - Extended Chords - Color Chord Tones - 7, b7, 9, 10 (Learn Piano With Rosa)

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In Music Theory 2 - Extended Chords, we move on to the chords that are 4-tone chords and 5-tone chords.

After we learn the basic triad chords with 3 tones in Music Theory 1, we can build 4 tone chords and extended chords on them to create beautiful sounds with added color tones. This book is for music students in the intermediate to advanced level.

Many people are confused regarding the 7th and 9th chords.

In this Music Theory 2 - Advanced Extended Chords, I have broken down everything step by step so that all music students will know how major 7 chords, minor 7 chords, dominant 7 chords, major 9 chords, minor 9 chords, dominant 9 chords, secondary dominants are formed.

Chord substitutions are discussed so that you know how to replace the basic triads. Open 10th Harmony is also discussed so that you can learn how to play the 10th tone.

The following topics are discussed in Music Theory 2 - Extended Chords:

1.1 Color Chords are Built on Basic Chords
1.2 What are Color Chords?
2.1 Major 7th Chords - Color Tone 7
2.2 Application of Major 7 to music
2.3 The sounds of Major 7 Chords in all 12 Keys
3.1 Dominant 7th Chords - Color Tone b7
3.2 Dominant 7 - b7 tone
3.3 The sound of Dominant 7 Chords
3.4 Summary Chart of 12 Dominant 7 Chords of all 12 Keys
3.5 Chord Resolution V7 to I in all 12 Keys
4.1 Minor 7th Chords - Color Tones (b3, b7)
4.2 The Sound of Minor Chords
4.3 Minor Chord Substitution Rules
4.4 Minor chord substitution rule to Key of C
4.5 Chord Progression ii7 V7 I
4.6 Chord Progression ii7 V7 I in all 12 Keys
5.1 Secondary Dominants II7
5.2 Secondary Dominants - V7 of V7
5.3 How to form the II7 Chords?
5.4 When do we use II7 instead of ii7?
5.5 II7 V7 I in all 12 Keys
6.1 Upper Chord Extensions
6.2 Extended Chords: C

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