Color Chord Improvisation Piano Method Volume 1 - 5 Piano Hymns (Learn Piano With Rosa)

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September 2014



Anyone Can Learn Piano Today!

Learn Piano: Do you dream you could . . .

* Learn how to play piano with more worthwhile and fulfilling results?

* Play your favorite songs by ear to your heart's content, without struggling to memorize?

* Spontaneously and creatively embellish a melody?

*Understand how piano chords progress in a song?

* Play songs on the fly using great sounding piano techniques?

* Play your favorite gospel hymns, pop songs, movie themes or Christmas carols from lead sheets?

* Start improvising even as a beginner?

* Spend quality time at the piano without wasting energy on boring practice?

The Internet has countless websites offering piano lessons. There are literally thousands of instructional videos that teach you how to use the chord method to play piano. Why should you choose my piano courses?

Rosa's Piano Tutorial Lessons in this Color Chord Improvisation PIano Method save you time and money.

The difference lies in my teaching approach. Rosa's piano lessons, especially the latest, most innovative 7 Secrets, can truly make a difference for you to play piano in the flow. All my lessons are personally designed from my 27 years of performing experiences as a church pianist. I write and teach from my heart.

Rosa's Piano Tutorial Lessons are highly EFFECTIVE, FUN, and AFFORDABLE!

Through my detailed, structured yet fun courses, designed especially to guide and motivate busy adults, you will enjoy your piano journey while acquiring highly effective piano skills. You will be rewarded with a lifetime of FUN & ENJOYMENT.

In this Color Chord Improvisation Method 1, I show you my UNIQUE method and great sounding piano techniques to the following 5 songs with song sheets, chords, and chord progressions provided.

1. Alleluia

2. When I Survey the Wond

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