7 Easy Steps To Read Music - A Handbook for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Players (Learn How To Read Music, #1)

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September 2014



How To Read Music - 7 Easy Steps to Read Music For Beginners & 101 Musical Terms Dictionary with 4 Musical Charts. Exercises & Tests will help you advance in your music sight reading skill.
Have you ever wanted to quickly learn how to read music? Today you will begin to see How Easily it is to Read Music. You need to know where the focus is!
I have also included some exercises and tests for you to test yourself and practice so that you can see how easy it is to read music effortlessly. It is not difficult at all. You need to know where the focus is. My steps and charts will help you to grow in this area of reading music very quickly, faster than you think!
This book is a quick guide and resource to help you read all types of music for guitar, piano, ukulele players.
Table of Contents:Chapter I How To Read MusicStep 1. Start with Musical StaffStep 2. Read Treble Clef NotesStep 3. Fast Trick Method to Identify NotesStep 4. Recognize White Keys & Black KeysStep 5. Read Time SignatureStep 6. Read Rhythms and Note DurationsStep 7. Read the RestsChapter II Music Note Duration ChartChapter III Music Score Terms IllustratedChapter IV Music Note TermsChapter V Music Dynamics ChartChapter VI 101 Musical Terms
Do the Exercises and Tests! You will love them. My students love this course! It has become one of my best sellers book.

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