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Oktober 2011



The Casual Sky Observer's Pocket Guide offers an observing program for occasional amateur observers looking for some quick, fun astronomy adventures under the stars. In the real world, where time for observing is limited, the weather is seldom perfect, and expensive equipment is not an option, amateur astronomy may not be seen as a worthwhile activity. However, portable and quick-to-set-up instruments are available. A pair of binoculars or a small telescope fills the bill. And the way to make the most of these instruments is described in the Casual Sky Observer's Pocket Guide.
Not only does the book feature the best and brightest showpieces of the heavens; it also provides a great deal of physical and environmental data as well as lots of fascinating information and beautiful illustrations that provide a unique perspective on the many treasures within and beyond our home galaxy, the Milky Way--stars, star clusters, other galaxies, and nebulae, all within reach of binoculars or a small telescope.


Chapter 1: Navigating the Sea of Stars.-
Chapter 2: Welcome to the Milky Way.-
Chapter 3: January.-
Chapter 4: February.-
Chapter 5: March.-
Chapter 6: April.-
Chapter 7: May.-
Chapter 8: June.-
Chapter 9: July.-
Chapter 10: August.-
Chapter 11: September.-
Chapter 12: October.-
Chapter 13: November.-
Chapter 14: December.-
Chapter 15: Taking it further.- Glossary.- Index.



Rony De Laet, a Belgian national who holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Science (Chemistry), has been an enthusiastic  amateur astronomer since his teens. He has had articles published (in Dutch) in the monthly Flemish VVS Astronomical Magazine, and his special talent is in producing photo-real computer drawings of the night sky. His work was on exhibition at the International Astronomical Sketching Exhibition, called "In the Footsteps of Galileo," at the Blackrock Castle Observatory in Ireland (from February until May 2009) and then later at Birr Castle, the historic site of Ross's 1845 72-inch telescope (now restored and open for visitors).


From the reviews:

'This guide is entirely devoted to deep sky observing with binoculars or a small telescope from the northern hemisphere. ' As a former teacher, I am always interested to see how authors explain quite difficult concepts in a simple and concise way and this author has certainly passed my test. ' I consider this book would be helpful to amateurs beginning their observational interest in the deep sky ' .' (Geoffrey Johnstone, Journal of the British Astronomical Association, Vol. 122 (1), 2012)

'The purpose of the book is to introduce the beginner to objects in the Northern night sky by using binoculars and small telescopes up to 4-inches aperture. ' The book ends with a good glossary, a complete index, and references to useful internet sites, together with a selection of books and software. This is a fine book which, if followed through the astronomical year, would well teach the budding astronomer the arts and crafts of proper observing and a secure knowledge of the night sky.' (Richard H. Chambers, The Observatory, Vol. 132 (1228), June, 2012)

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