Ivory, Horn and Blood

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Juli 2013



Meticulous research, chilling facts.... an important and much needed book.
-- Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder, The Jane Goodall Institute

If it is understanding you seek, turn these pages.
-- Virginia McKenna, OBE, Founder, The Born Free Foundation

If you care about elephants and rhinos, and the poaching onslaught that threatens their extinction in the wild, this is the book for you.
-- Ian Redmond, OBE, Ambassador, UN Great Apes Survival Program

As recently as ten years ago, out of every ten African elephants that died, four fell at the hands of poachers. The figure today is eight. Over sixty percent of Africa's Forest Elephants have been killed by poachers since the turn of the century. Rhinoceroses are being slaughtered throughout their ranges. The Vietnamese One-horned Rhinoceros and the Western Black rhino have become extinct in the last decade, and the Northern White Rhinoceros, the largest of them all, barely survives in captivity.

This alarming book tells a crime story that takes place thousands of miles away, in countries that few of us may visit. But like the trade in illegal drugs, the traffic in elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn has far-reaching implications not only for these endangered animals, but also for the human victims of a world-wide surge in organized crime, corruption and violence.

Since the worldwide ban on commercial ivory trade was passed in 1989, after a decade that saw half of Africa's elephants slaughtered by poachers, Ronald Orenstein has been at the heart of the fight. Today a new ivory crisis has arisen, fuelled by internal wars in Africa and a growing market in the Far East. Seizures of smuggled ivory have shot up in the past few years. Bands of militia have crossed from one side of Africa to the other, slaughtering elephants with automatic weapons. A market surge in Vietnam and elsewhere has led to a growing criminal onslaught against the world's rhinoceroses. The situation, for both elephants and rhinos, is dire.


Table of Contents
    Foreword by Iain Douglas-Hamilton, OBE

    PART ONE: What Happened?
    CHAPTER 1: The Living Elephants
    CHAPTER 2: The Living Rhinoceroses
    CHAPTER 3: Ivory and Luxury
    CHAPTER 4: Not an Aphrodisiac
    CHAPTER 5: What Makes Poachers Poach?
    CHAPTER 6: CITES and the First Ivory Crisis
    CHAPTER 7: The Ivory Ban
    CHAPTER 8: Rhinos under Fire

    PART TWO: What Went Wrong?
    CHAPTER 9: Re-Opening the Trade
    CHAPTER 10: New Markets for Horn
    CHAPTER 11: Behind the Surge
    CHAPTER 12: Rhinos and Prostitutes
    CHAPTER 13: War on Elephants
    CHAPTER 14: The Last Rhinos
    CHAPTER 15: Corruption, Theft and Organized Crime

    PART THREE: What Can Be Done?
    CHAPTER 16: Coming to Grips with Poaching
    CHAPTER 17: Should Trade Be Legalized?
    CHAPTER 18: Dealing with Demand
    CHAPTER 19: The Future

    POSTSCRIPT: The 2013 CITES Meeting



Ronald Orenstein ; Foreword by Iain Douglas-Hamilton
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