Cougar Chronicles: Ten Sexy Stories For Bedtime

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Juli 2014



Here are ten sexy stories rolled into one book for bedtime, or anytime, reading. All of the stories have a cougar theme.

Poolside Cure
A neglected housewife eyes her sexy pool boy.

Extracurricular Activities
A college librarian is sexier than what meets the eye. The star football player needs tutoring for academic eligibility, but the librarian has a tutoring lesson to teach him of her own.

Mile High Club
A sexy flight attendant thanks a member of the armed forces in a very special way.

Summer Lovin'
A businessman's wife is left alone in a cabana with only the cabana boy to keep her company. This one, however, has a surprise ending.

The Meeting
A college professor and her teaching assistant meet for after school activities.

Two best friends share workouts, but they also share other things too.

Back To Nature
A forest ranger stumbles upon a sexy camper and sex in nature ensues.

Unlawful Entry
A female police sergeant is assigned the new rookie. What they do off duty is definitely against department rules.

All Aboard
An ex-Navy man answers an ad to be a yacht captain. This particular boat has only one passenger and she is interested in more than just cruising the high seas.

I Love a Rainy Night
A college student returning home for the summer stops to help a stranded motorist. The motorist is a former high school teacher of his and she insists on paying him back for being a Good Samaritan.


Roman Hanz is a writer of erotic fiction. He has written for several years and has published under various pen names. However, erotica is, by far, his favorite genre to write in because it allows the imagination to run free and areas can explored that would otherwise be left untouched.
It is his sincere hope that you will enjoy his stories as much as he enjoys writing them.

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