Banging the Boss

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November 2014



Colin is known at the office for his wide hips and extra weight, but his overwhelming lust for The Boss is a secret. He does his work, meets all the demands of the job, and dreams about The Boss without saying a peep.
That is until they both stay late one night to finish an important report. The Boss and Colin get a little too close for comfort. Not that comfort is on their minds!
Can Colin get over his worries about his weight and surrender himself to The Boss and his incredible hands? He dreams about his strong fingers and his incredible brown hair and green eyes, but what will he do when he's right in front of him? What happens when seduction is the next project to be completed?


Roch is not as interesting as his profile picture makes him appear to be, but he prides himself on writing sexy stories for his fellow gays to enjoy.
Settle in with a nice glass of wine, or a good glass of scotch, and simmer until you boil with a steamy read by Roch for your evening delight. Even better, find someone to read with. And play with.
Happy Reading!

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Verlag: Roch James
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2014
Format: epub eBook
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