Alpha Male Arousal - A Gay Erotica Bundle

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November 2014



Try not to drool as you take in a fantastic collection of sexy gay stories with alpha males.
This bundle includes:
Banging the Boss - Who wouldn't want to bang their sexy boss? Especially when you both stay late at the office to work…
Indecent Business Proposal - That sexy coworker sure doesn't give off gay vibes, but he seems to be leaning in awfully close when he's checking your work…
Serving Mr. Cane - Getting the man his coffee when he visits your café is one thing, getting your ass slammed by his massive cock is another.


Roch is not as interesting as his profile picture makes him appear to be, but he prides himself on writing sexy stories for his fellow gays to enjoy.
Settle in with a nice glass of wine, or a good glass of scotch, and simmer until you boil with a steamy read by Roch for your evening delight. Even better, find someone to read with. And play with.
Happy Reading!

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Verlag: Roch James
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2014
Format: epub eBook
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