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Dezember 2014



Our favorite movies and TV shows feature indelible characterswho tell us about themselves not just in what they say but in howthey say it. The creative decisions behind these voices--suchas what accent or dialect to use--offer rich data forsociolinguistic study. Ideal for students of language variation aswell as general readers interested in media, Vox Popular isan engaging tour through the major issues of sociolinguistic studyas heard in the voices from mass media.

* Provides readers with a unified and accessiblepicture of the interrelationships between language variation andthe mass media

* Presents detailed original analyses of multipleaudiovisual media sources

* Includes a broad methods chapter coveringquantitative and qualitative methods in a style not available inany other textbook

* All theoretical terms are accessibly explained, withengaging examples, making it suitable for non-academics as well asundergraduate students

* Incorporates pedagogical textboxes throughout andincludes sections dedicated to developing practical skills for thefield
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Untertitel: The Surprising Life of Language in the Media. Sprache: Englisch.
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