A Place to Remember

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Juli 1999



Well-known public historian Robert Archibald's personal exploration of the intersections of history, memory, and community reveals how we participate in the making and sustaining of community as well as how we remember the community that shaped us. Writing in a rich literary narrative, Archibald blends local history, personal reminiscence, and an analysis of the changing meaning of community with a passionate call for more effective public history. A Place to Remember poetically illustrates how we are active participants in the past and the role and importance of history in contemporary life.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments
Chapter 2 1 Facing the Past
Chapter 3 2 Remembrance
Chapter 4 3 Somewhere in Time
Chapter 5 4 Speaking with the Past
Chapter 6 5 Common Ground
Chapter 7 6 Values at the Core
Chapter 8 7 Intersections
Chapter 9 8 Friends and Colleagues
Chapter 10 9 Everybody's Business
Chapter 11 10 Facing the Future
Chapter 12 A Brief Booklist
Chapter 13 About the Author
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Untertitel: Using History to Build Community. Sprache: Englisch.
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