Maker of Dreams

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Dezember 2014



"Review received Dec. 2013 from Larry Nimmer, who created Neverland Valley documentary video for Michael Jackson's second and LAST trial:
Through Swinson's book, you learn wonderful anecdotes about Michael's complete involvement in developing the amusement park and 2 1/2 mile miniature train ride. You also meet Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, up close and personal, as they come and go during the construction process. You will be introduced to Michael Jackson's personal artist, David E. Nordhal from Santa Fe, NM, and learn the stories behind the over sized paintings he created especially for Michael and the fantasy life he lived in his private "Neverland." This book will help you "feel" what it was like to be a close and trusted friend of Michael's, about living in "Neverland," personally sharing some of his very private "life's footsteps," and involved in creating a magical wonderland through Michael's wonderful childlike vision.

Rob and Michael truly "brought out the child" in each other... like the time they howled in unison at a full moon... a precursor to the inspiration for the Thriller album. You'll learn the stories behind the one-of-a-kind Grand Carousel, the Zipper ride, which Michael declared as his favorite (claimed the world record for longest ride!), and the Marionette installations in the theatre building... and the disappointment about the roller coaster that never came to fruition.

Michael called Rob Swinson his "Maker of Dreams" and by the time you finish this lavishly illustrated book, with almost two-hundred never before seen photos, you will salute Rob Swinson for his commitment and artistry in creating Michael Jackson's fabled "Neverland Valley Park.""

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