Outer Space Bedtime Race

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Januar 2015



Aaaaaand they're off . . . to bed! Aliens from every planet rocket through their out-of-this-world bedtime routines-they sink into steamy crater bubble baths and shimmy into deep-sleep suits, just like you (almost)! Brian Won's glowing graphic art pops off the page, and Rob Sanders's goofy rhymes will have kids racing to snuggle under the covers and blast off to dreamland.


ROB SANDERS is a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes. A native of Springfield, Missouri, he has also lived in Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee. After earning degrees in elementary and religious education, Rob worked for fifteen years in children's religious educational publishing as a writer, educational consultant, editor, editorial group manager, and product developer. While the earth is busy orbiting the sun, BRIAN WON is usually stationary, enjoying space ice cream (Neapolitan) and writing and illustrating children's books, such as Hooray for Hat! He lives in Southern California, where he comes in second place every night when his family races off to sleep.
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