Bella's Gift

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Februar 2015



Rick and Karen Santorum's inspiring story of life with Bella, their special-needs youngest child
Four days after Rick and Karen Santorum welcomed their eighth baby into the world they were given the devastating news that their little girl, Bella, was going to die. The full story of life with Bella has never been told until now. This inspiring family memoir explores what it means to embrace and celebrate the life of each person, and find hope, even in the midst of painful challenges.
Bella's Gift is the story of how the entire family came together to love and care for Bella and how God strengthened them during the storms and blessed their family with grace, peace, and joy.
Searchingly honest, faith filled, and surprisingly joyful, Bella's Gift is a loving, lived-out testimony to the truth that everyone counts, even "the least of these."


By Rick Santorum and Karen Santorum, With Elizabeth Santorum
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Untertitel: How One Little Girl Transformed Our Family and Inspired a Nation. EPUB. Sprache: Englisch.
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