Heart Of Revenge 3 (Erotic Bliss Trilogy, #3)

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Book 3 shows you how it all ended, all questions answered, all secrets revealed and someone died.
A drama-filled, mix-up story of Leelia Lexings, biting the bullet and bearing the dirt shovelled in her face in the name of money to save her dying brother's life.
Her hothead sister, Pinky, tries to avoid her third pregnancy as she is tied up in a relationship with the new don of the community, Finaral, who must overcome forgiving his father's killer in order to love Pinky's son, Perry. Perry happens to be the grandson of Finaral's father's killer. Will Finaral ever love his step child? The grandson of his father's killer. Will Pinky have a much wanted son for Finaral under these conditions?
Finaral's closest friend and right-hand man friendship is burdened when Vybz' crosses the boundary with his ex-lovers, Portia, and Finaral crosses the boundary with Vybz' family. Will their friendship survive or will they become enemies?  How far will Leelia go to save her brother, or better yet how far will he go to save himself when he has to make a heart-ripping decision. Get all the answers now.

If you enjoyed Fifty Shades, Zane or Eric Jerome Dickey then HEART OF REVENGE 3 is a must read for you. Buy or download to your collection.


- 5.0 out of 5.0. Buzz Magazine selected as their Readers Choice.

- "A truly intense and boldly provocative story
that is unpredictable from start to finish" - Sanjay, INTENSE
- "Bold content from a talented Jamaican maverick
"- Jason Williams, ONSTAGE

"Mek mi see deh miss call deh pon your phone."
He shoved his phone his pocket. "Fi wha?!"
"Just mek mi see it if you nuh have nothing a hide."
"You see deh phone deh?" He pointed to my phone in my hand. "That a your phone, dat a your business. You see deh phone yah?" He touched the phone through his pocket, "This a me pay the bill. My business. That . . ." He pointed back to my phone, "Your business, you

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