The Separation

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'Do you know what they call someone who doesn't drink, by the way, the Irish...? A pioneer. Isn't that gas? A pioneer. Like you're discovering a new continent.'

On a Friday night in Dublin, Stephen Hanrahan ushers a young female colleague in from the summer rain to what was once his marital home. He's ready to work his magic. But Stephen's estranged wife and wayward daughter are about to crash back into his living room and his life, casting a history of repressed truths and painful secrets into the light.

Set in the build-up to Ireland's historic divorce referendum of 1995, The Separation is an unsettling - and uproarious - journey into the dark heart of a disintegrating Dublin family.


Richard Molloy has worked as a high school English teacher in north London for six years. The Separation is his first play. It premiered at Project Arts Centre in Dublin in June 2014. His second play, O Do Not Love Too Long, had a reading at London's Tricycle Theatre in December 2013. Richard is currently working on a new play about Ireland's Magdalene laundries entitled The Good Shepherd.
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