Breeding the Black Barely Legal Babysitter

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Januar 2013



Hot Interracial Breeding

For months naughty, beautiful, black babysitter Cassie has been teasing Mr. Jennings with her hot, sexy, ebony body and he's had just about enough. With his willpower completely worn away he gives in to his lust and decides to have his way with her whether she likes it or not.


What Mr.Jennings doesn't realize is that Cassie not only wants to get with the sexy older man, she wants him to get her pregnant!


Cassie is desperate to have her belly swell and her breasts fill with milk, so she's been plotting to get Mr. Jennings to take her without protection for months. When he finally gives in to his desires and surprises the eighteen year old babysitter raunchy interracial sex ensues.

Told from both Cassie and Mr. Jennings viewpoint this 5,000 word story is hot, hot, hot. It contains scenes of dirty teasing, interracial loving, interracial oral sex, interracial babysitter breeding, interracial rough sex, an interracial creampie and the impregnation of an eighteen year old black girl by the older white man.

Excerpt from Mr. Jennings perspective:

The day it happened, the day I knocked her up, I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I saw Cassie pull up on her little pink bicycle. I laughed at first, it was funny seeing a sexy eighteen year old girl on a kids bike, but what she did next wiped the smile off my face.

She was wearing a bright white halter neck top that bared her sexy stomach. The contrast of the white top against her dark, dark, skin was striking. As soon as she was off her bike though, she lifted that top right off. I must admit, I nearly dropped the plate I was holding when she did. She didn't have anything on underneath. It turns out her bikini was in the little basket on the front of her bike that day.

Well, I thought about averting my gaze. I thought it'd be right to look away. But I didn't. I couldn't. What man could?

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