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A first of its kind, this book provides you everything you need to know about successfully navigating the grant writing process including understanding the language of grant writing, finding grants, preparing the proposal, completing the application, preparing budgets, organizing information and timelines, revising and editing the proposal, including the assessment and evaluation, and building meaningful relationships with program officers and colleagues.


Authors' Note
1 Overture: An Introduction to Grants
2 Exposition: Finding the Grants
3 Theme and Variations: Developing the Proposal
4 Recapitulation: Completing the Proposal
5 Finale: Revising and Editing the Proposal
6 Encore: Beyond the Proposal
Appendix A: Grant Professionals Association Code of Ethics and Standards
Appendix B: Grant Public Law 106-107
Appendix C: Grants.Gov Privacy Policy
Appendix D: Eligibility for Government Grants
Appendix E: Processes for Grant Application
Appendix F: Sample Grant Review Process NSF
Appendix G: Sample Grant Review Process NEH
Appendix H: Sample Letter of Intent
Appendix I: Sample Final Report
Appendix J: Glossary of Terms
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By Rekha S. Rajan and Daniel R. Tomal
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