This Brilliant Darkness (A Dark Contemporary Fantasy)

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März 2013



A brooding monster.  A quirky professor.  A small Indiana town with a soul of its own.

Imagine if the writers of Northern Exposure sat down with Stephen King and decided to craft a dark fantasy thriller starring absent-minded academians, every day goofballs, and a dark fantasy creature for good measure.  Pondering big picture questions like "Why am I here?" and "Does Love Conquer All?" has never been so fun.

That's THIS BRILLIANT DARKNESS, the top-rated dark fantasy debut novel by the author of TROLL OR DERBY, Red Tash. 

Nothing is as it seems to be, and no one behaves in ways characters are "supposed" to act.  How will it end?  It's anyone's guess, in a book that keeps you turning pages, racing to find out what will happen next.

Christine Grace finds her predictable scholarly life comforting, if a bit boring.  Her live-in boyfriend presses her for marriage, but she's too philosophically inclined to take an interest.  So, really, why does she suddenly start imagining things in the window's reflection?  Is time truly starting and stopping all around her, or is she inexplicably cracking up?

Greachin is an age-old being so tortured by his own karmic cycle that he no longer knows how to connect, except to identify potential threats through the cosmic ripples of space.  When he zeroes in on Christine Grace, he experiences second thoughts for the first time in millenia.  Will he go through with his grisly plan of murder and destruction?

And what of these other characters--an aging physicist of ill-repute, a stubborn monk who takes his vow of silence too far, and a time-shifting star visible only from Bloomington?  What a tangled web we weave, when monsters practice to deceive.  Dive into This Brilliant Darkness, and follow the journeys of these characters, from Britain to the Heartland, from January's snowfall to Halloween's costumed festivit

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