Alpha Hot: Box Set

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November 2015



All 3 Books in the "Alpha Hot" series! The First Book in the series is also available!

Jewel never experienced feelings like she did that day in her back yard. That's when she laid eyes on Knox.

He was a gorgeous bad boy hunk who seemed totally unattainable. He was rich, handsome, brilliant. Worst of all, he was her bitchy sister's man.

Knox saw Jewel in the hot sunshine and thought she was the most naturally alluring creature he'd ever seen. He had to have her. But he was with Kayla, Jewel's sister.

What do two people secretly in love do when their desires are forbidden and impossible?

"Alpha Hot" is red hot romance with mature situations.


Rebecca Lee is a former swimsuit model, and now a successful dating coach for men.

She is one of Author John Handy's Attraction Masters and is the author of the Forbidden Attraction Secrets for Men series. Her motto for men having success with her or any other woman they desire: "When we're face to face, if you are bold, fearless, and seek what you want, trust me you have us. Everytime."

"A Slave to the Fantasy" is her first fiction series.

Rebecca is single and lives in Southern California with her cat  and her beagle.

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Verlag: John Handy
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2015
Format: epub eBook
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