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Mai 2015



Nanoparticles presents the remarkable variety of nanoparticle families, compositions, structures, and functions. The book discusses nanoparticles made of semiconductors, metals, metal-oxides, organics, biological and hybrid constituents.
Through a wealth of examples and case studies, supplemented by numerous
figures, readers that are not necessarily active or experts in this area acquire a
broad overview of this exciting field at the interface between scientifi c research and practical technologies.
The contents summarize the contributions to this field of diverse scientific and technological disciplines - chemistry, physics, biology, electronics and others providing a comprehensive knowledge - the types of nanoparticles, their compositions and how the relationships between the atomic constituents affect their properties, as well as potential applications of nanoparticles.
- Covers diverse uses of nanoparticles in scientifi c research and industrial applications, underscoring their extraordinary diversity and potential utilization.
- Experimental and conceptual approaches applied to the study of nanoparticles are discussed extensively. Additional references provide the reader with a basis for further study.
- Also available by Professor Jelinek: Biomimetics - A Molecular Perspective (2013), ISBN: 978-3-11-028117-0


Raz Jelinek, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel.
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