Advanced Methods in Computer Graphics

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Februar 2012



This book brings together several advanced topics in computer graphics that are important in the areas of game development, three-dimensional animation and real-time rendering. The book is designed for final-year undergraduate or first-year graduate students, who are already familiar with the basic concepts in computer graphics and programming. It aims to provide a good foundation of advanced methods such as skeletal animation, quaternions, mesh processing and collision detection. These and other methods covered in the book are fundamental to the development of algorithms used in commercial applications as well as research.



From the reviews:

'This book provides an in-depth analysis of a selection of topics that are important in the areas of character animation and game development. ' book aims to provide a comprehensive treatment of theoretical concepts and associated methods related to the following areas: articulated character animation, curve and surface design, mesh processing and collision detection. ' The book is presented in an accessible fashion full of images and examples. ' The topics discussed in this book are commonly covered in graduate or advanced undergraduate graphics courses.' (Agnieszka Lisowska, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1243, 2012)

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