Red Gold Tears (Camille Quizon, #2)

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Januar 2015



The hunt for the beautiful corporate investigator is on. Camille is in hiding preparing her mind and body for the confrontation with the assassins she knows are coming.

Two strong men are by her side – the man that loves her and the mercenary soldier. They share a vow to keep the beautiful young woman safe but she insists that she be trained to fight.

Baozhai the Hong Kong crime madam wants Camille dead for destroying her Wall Street scam. And while her assassins pursue she is paving the way for her entry to the billionaires club with a new and audacious plan to sell vast quantities of gold to Kovacs the US hedge fund investor.

Camille must learn about violence and its dark arts. She will need a brains trust of old friends to attack the gold scam. She will take the fight into Baozhais citadel for a final showdown.


Ralph Allan is an academic and financial analyst. His special interest is financial fraud.

While investigating the workings of the money game, he discovered ruthless people who will stop at nothing to achieve wealth, power and control of people's lives.

His work of fiction 'The Money Club' lays bare the dark world of money making where vice is the plaything of the people making the mega deals.

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Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2015
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