Red Gold Tears (Camille Quizon, #2)

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Januar 2015



The world is on the edge of another financial castrophe. The Americans want to return to the gold standard before the Chinese get there first.Hong Kong businesswoman Baozhai can get vast quantities of gold for Kovacs the American hedge fund investor. And it's the biggest scam of all time.Only one woman stands in the way of the HK fraudster and her ambition to join the billionaires club, Camille Quizon corporate investigator.But Camille is in hiding and preparing her mind and body for the assassins she knows have been sent by Baozhai to kill her for destroying her last attempt at large scale international fraud.Camille will suffer, she will learn how to kill and take the fight into Baozhais citadel in Hong Kong for a final showdown.


Ralph Allan is an academic and financial analyst. His special interest is financial fraud.
While investigating the workings of the money game, he discovered ruthless people who will stop at nothing to achieve wealth, power and control of people's lives.
His work of fiction 'The Money Club' lays bare the dark world of money making where vice is the plaything of the people making the mega deals.

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