Virgin Babysitter Seduction: Taking Me Home (teen taboo babysitter first time erotica)

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Mai 2014



"My pussy welled up with juice, and suddenly felt strangely empty. I needed that cock. I wanted to feel full, feel complete. Feel like a woman. "Be gentle, it's my first time" I whispered" When Janet and Fred catch me with my boyfriend, about to break my cherry, they are far from amused. I could tell though, that Fred was turned on by what he saw. Even better, I would rather lose my virginity to a real man… WARNING! This story is extremely explicit, with scenes of masturbation, oral, ejaculation and hot virgin sex. It is intended for mature, 18+ audiences only.
Excerpt "I sat back in the beige leather seats of the sports car as Fred backed us out of the driveway. His face was flushed but his eyes smiled at me. He had seen me, legs wide apart, pussy gaping, ready to take my boyfriend's meat. His brain, I reasoned, must be doing summersaults right about now. We both started speaking together. "Hey, Sir, Mr Jones, I am real sorry about that" "Jenny, don't worry, I was young once too you know" We both laughed. It cleared the air immediately and I relaxed. I popped my feet out of my slip-ons and put one leg on the dash, allowing my skirt to fall back to my hips. He knew that my panties had been ripped off, and were currently in my handbag. He licked his lips…"

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Verlag: Rachel Whipps
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2014
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