Lost Souls Motorcycle Gang

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Februar 2014



"You!" he shouted, pointing at me. "You touched my bike!" <br> "Yeah, I did" I said, confidently striding towards him. "What are you gonna do about it?"


I've probably had better ideas. My lowlife of a boyfriend has been a jerk, now I'm out on the streets, armed with a temper and a desire to cause trouble. Only problem is that I'm about to meet my match - a motorbike gang who aren't in the mood to talk, who aren't in the mood for forgiveness... who <b>are</b> in the mood for revenge...


This is a very explicit book that contains strong scenes of a highly sexual nature. With a no holds barred biker gang, a young girl on a mission to cause mayhem and a gangbanging climax - this hot new release from Rachel Whipps will let you escape to a world of lawlessness and sex!



Mr Gorilla led me in through the broken down front doors of the bar. I could barely see through the smoke, which was fighting a losing battle against the overpowering smell of sweat, oil and cheap whiskey. The smell of real men, not best-friend-fucking lowlife. He led me into a back room. An old jukebox, a mattress and some dirty laundry were the sights which greeted me.

The Gorilla pushed up close to me and gently parted my legs as I stood before him. He friends gathered in closer. One of them reached up and put his course fingers on my tit. He pushed me back onto the mattress and bore down onto me. His strong, rough hands were all over me...


Rachel Whipps can be typically found in a coffee shop with her back to the wall, sitting with a latte, a notepad and pen, and her laptop. While smiling at the regulars and making small talk with the staff she pecks away at her computer, compiling stories of lust, love and erotic adventures.

Born and bred in the UK, living in Upstate New York for the last 10 years, Rachel has been writing for years and has now begun to publish her works.

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Verlag: Rachel Whipps
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2014
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