Little Rich White Bitch. Gloryhole Adventure

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Februar 2014



I moved closer to the hole to my left, peering through to see a video playing in the booth next to me. It was too dark to see the occupant of the room, but the sounds of heavy breathing allowed me the knowledge that it was occupied. As I moved closer to the hole, my mouth open in wonderment, a shadow fell across the opening….
Down on my luck, down on my knees. I used to be rich, I used to be able to buy whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now?

Now I'm working in a sex shop, and about to experience what goes on behind that red curtain. And I'm going to love every last second, and swallow every last drop!

WARNING This is a very explicit book that contains strong scenes of a highly sexual nature. With a wild gloryhole, a young girl who will do anything for cash, and a cum splashing climax - this hot new release from Rachel Whipps will leave you on your knees, begging for more!

I leaned towards him, getting a closer look at this bobbing dick. He was rock hard and had a thick, meaty dick, uncut and proud. I reached my hand towards him, stroking him gently, my mind racing as I considered what I was about to do. Without a word passing between us, I leaned forward to take him in my mouth. He tasted so strong, so sweaty, so good. I ran my tongue along his shaft while cupping his balls through the hole, sucking on his head, peeling back his foreskin to taste him. I sucked strongly on him, forcing his cock to the back of my throat where his thickness played with my tonsils, my spit coating him, my lips wrapping around him, my hair dropping to tickle his length. I felt so incredibly turned on as he face fucked me, my pussy drenching.

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