Little Rich White Bitch - Broken Chains M.C.

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Februar 2014



I maneuvered around Mak so that my pert ass cheeks were on the edge of the pool table. Leaning back and opening my legs slightly I breathed 'I can be nice Mak. See anything you like?

  I used to be rich, I used to be able to buy whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now? Now I am working a bar in the middle of the desert. It's not so much the terrible wages, it's the boredom. I wish something exciting could happen to me. The day Mak and his biker gang strode into the joint, it did!

Now I make love under the stars, feeling a thick cock inside me while my nostrils fill with the smell of gas, oil and desire!

WARNING This is a very explicit book that contains strong scenes of a highly sexual nature. With a no holds barred biker gang, a bored young waitress and a fistful of cash - this hot new release from Rachel Whipps will let you escape to a world of lawlessness and sex!


Mak pushed up close to me and gently parted my legs. He pushed my back onto the pool table and started to undo my blouse. He was so tender, not at all what I was expecting. His strong, rough hands were all over my tits and stomach. He could appreciate a thin tight body. It used to be gym fit, now I was slim because I didn't get to eat much.

My body shivered as he worked his fingers down to my Daisy Duke's. He undid one button. I wanted him to open me up, slide his finger deep inside me and let me squirm. I wanted it right in front of all his men...


Dick Hunter is an ex-pat British guy, now living in Austin, Texas with his partner of 3 years.

"I've been writing for years, mainly for my personal use. Thanks to Amazon and its wonderful readers, I'm now in the process of publishing for the first time! I'm looking forward to bringing you the best of taboo gay erotica, I'm excited to be here and looking forward to hearing from you!"

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Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2014
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