Hard Bikers. Hard Rides: Biker Erotic Romance: Outlaws MC (Bare-knuckle Fighting Bikers)

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Mai 2014



Fighting, Biking and Fucking. All in a normal day for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. But today they have a passenger. Bored but daring teacher Rachel. It's a fantasy for her, and for them..
This hot erotic biker story includes vivid and graphic depictions of extreme adult activities by bikers and an innocent kindergarten teacher. It is intended for mature readers of 18+ years. Enjoy! Excerpt "I sat close to Tank on the back of his mighty Hog, squeezing myself against his back. I rode down the dusty highway with another 30 motorbikes around me. We made one hell of a noise, you couldn't miss us coming! The wind rushed through my hair. Truck drivers honked at us, and sons and fathers in work a day station wagons looked over at us and smiled, jealous of the freedom we had. I pulled Tank close, feeling his strong stomach and the curve of his broad shoulders. I wanted to make this day special for him, and me. As we rode on I kissed the back of his neck. I knew he liked that, all men did. I reached around him to his crotch. His leather chaps, pure Hollywood western, parted where his cock sat, leaving me his Levis. I wanted to feel his erection, to see what I would be getting later on, if I was a very good girl…."

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Verlag: Rachel Whipps
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2014
Format: epub eBook
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