A Novel Approach To Enhance The Performance Of Cloud Computing File System Using Load Balancing Algorithm

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Februar 2015



Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2014 in the subject Computer Science - IT-Security, Lovely Professional University, Punjab (Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab), course: M.Tech Information Technology, language: English, abstract: Cloud computing is one of the biggest thing in computing in recent time. Cloud computing uses the internet and the central remote servers to support different data and applications. Cloud computing is that emerging technology which is used for providing various computing and storage services over the Internet. In the cloud computing, the internet is viewed as a cloud. Internet users can receive services from a cloud as if they were employing a super computer which be using cloud computing. To storing data in the cloud instead of on their own devices and it making ubiquitous data access possible. Load balancing helps to make resource utilization effective and also used to improve the response time of the job. The load balancing helps to remove the nodes which are unbalanced. In this situation, it removes the nodes, which are overloaded or under loaded. It is dynamic in nature. In the cloud computing, file system management is the big issue. We use round robin algorithm with load balancing in the file systems. It will help to enhance the performance of file system. It also helps to increase the access of file systems in cloud computing.


Pradheep Manisekaran is an Assistant professor (junior professor) of computer science engineering at NIMS University Jaipur, and a Research fellow of NIMS University India. Pradheep received his habilitation in computer science at NIMS in January 2015 and obtained a positive interim evaluation as Assistant professor in 2014.He received his M.Tech in Information Technology with distinction at Lovely Professional University Punjab in 2014.Before, he had studied at Anna University Coimbatore and graduate as B.Tech Information Technology. His main research interests are cloud computing mass storage process, cloud computing file systems, information security and computer networking. He has published his research articles in various international journals and conferences.
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