The Vibrant Relationship

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Februar 2011



Creating and sustaining a vibrant relationship is one of the most difficult challenges we come across in our lives. But when we do succeed, it is the source of a truly deep and lasting happiness. To succeed, we need some tools to help us on our way.The subject of this book is the Dialogue of Acknowledgement, an extremely efficient and loving tool that can help people come to grips with problems as well as form the basis for a new way of living and ethical practice, both within the couple and in all other relationships in life.This book hopes to introduce the reader to a way to a shared life of openness, curiosity, acknowledgement, appreciation, and recognition and help them to learn how to converse and listen so that it will be possible for you to explore yourselves and each other in new ways.


By (author) Seidenfaden, Kirsten and By (author) Draiby, Piet and Translated by Bulman-May, James and Illustrated by Viktor IV
EAN: 9781780498010
Untertitel: A Handbook for Couples and Therapists. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Karnac Books
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2011
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Übersetzer/Sprecher: Übersetzt von James Bulman-May
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