Moon Base Colony

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Februar 2015



The Moon's relative nearness and its one-sixth Earth gravity make it the best location for an off-Earth Base Colony, because its location and gravity make it relatively easy to travel between the Earth and its Moon.
Moon Base Colony is located underground and is almost entirely self-sufficient. Breathable air is supplied by green plants growing under electric powered grow lights, heat and electric power are supplied by a nuclear reactor and solar cell arrays on the surface. Everything is recycled, there is no waste.
Living conditions on Moon Base Colony are very different from the easy living on Earth's surface, and over time the people on Moon Base necessarily adapt to their new living conditions, and to adapt they must and do change.
This book describes Moon Base Colony's beginning, and follows the many changes over 20 generations of living in the Moon. Over time numerous changes result, and by their 20th generation the inhabitants look very different from the people on Earth, and they think somewhat differently, but they are still human.
The changing personal lives of Ann, a young girl of Moon Base, is tfollowed after 20 generations. Born afterr only 3 generations of iving in the Moon, she cannot grasp the concept of what a pet canary or a chicken are, .the idea of eating eggs is entirely foreign, and eating the chicken for food is entirely unbelievable When Ann visits a female bariatric patient, and sees her kiss her pet canary named "Bob," Ann begins to understand what a pet canary is.
If you like reading about the changing personal lives, biology and technology of people iving on the Moon for 20 generations, you will like reading this book.
Best regards and good reading from
Phillip Duke Ph.D.

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