Operation Shylock

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Dezember 2010



'Subtle, funny and furious' Observer

What if a lookalike stranger stole your name, hijacked your biography, and went about the world pretending to be you?

Startlingly, Philip Roth meets a man in Jerusalem called Philip Roth who has been touring Israel - riding high on the author's reputation - preaching a bizarre reverse-exodus of the Jews, encouraging them to return to their ancestral homes in Europe. Roth decides to stop him, even if that means impersonating the impersonator.

Operation Shylock is at once spy story, political thriller, meditation on identity and unfathomable journey through a volatile, frightening middle-east.


Philip Roth


A very buoyant book, part truth, part fiction, combining sophistication with an equally beguiling does leave one relishing it and wanting to read more Spectator Subtle, funny and furious...Operation Shylock is no mere scrapbook of Roth's favourite topics, but a hefty encyclopaedia... In Roth's canny hands, nothing succeeds like excess Observer
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