Cooking Without Recipes

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November 2012



Do you envy people who seem to be able to cook with effortless ease? Have you ever wanted to cook like your mother, bringing an endless variety of meals to the table without ever looking at a recipe book? Do you want to be inspired in the kitchen again, and just by opening the fridge door concoct a feast from nothing but a few leftovers, a squeeze of lemon and some fresh air? Then look no further. Cooking without Recipes will show you how. Using the right implements, shopping with confidence, and stocking up on essential ingredients you will acquire the instinct needed to prepare your favourite dishes from your own creativity and imagination.


Foreword by Simon Callow; Introduction; Starting from Scratch; The Kitchen Essentials; Working with Ingredients; Success in Your Kitchen; A Survival Guide to Shopping; Cooks and Their Books; Index.


'Cooking without Recipes liberates you from the tyranny of someone else's culinary imagination. Do your own thing, it says; listen to the food, listen to your stomach and your palate; let cooking become second nature. It is the book my grandmother would have written if she had known how to frame a sentence, which Philip Dundas certainly does. Read, inwardly digest, then throw the book away. This is the first day of the rest of your life in the kitchen.' From the foreword by Simon Callow 'In his book, Philip Dundas outlines a kitchen philosophy that recommends a good basic understanding of food and utensils, combined with a willingness to experiment.' The Mail on Sunday (You)
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