Soul Force

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Januar 2015



All of us at one time or another feel fragmented-cut of and powerless. In this important work, psychotherapist Paul Olsen tells us that what we are really experiencing is a loss of connection with our soul: "the energy inside us that connects us to ourselves, to others, to everything that exists-the inner energy that propels life." You cannot 'think' your way out of an emotional dilemma, Dr. Olsen warns. Thinking, in fact, is the enemy, the disconnecter, of the soul. So is science the enemy. So is education; so are almost all the rules of living we learn as children and take for granted as adults. In Soul Force Dr. Olsen offers exploration exercises that help you discover yourself:
  • Whether your method of dealing with stress deepens the trap in which you find yourself
  • How to learn reflexive decision-making
  • How to reconnect with your natural 'flow' so that your inner power will be felt by everyone you meet
  • How to disengage from arguments and win them
  • What your worst enemy can teach you about yourself


  1. Rediscovering the Soul
  2. Freeing Your Motion
  3. The Inside-Out "Split"
  4. The Thinking Trap
  5. Getting Beneath the Thoughts
  6. The Illusion of Choice
  7. Self-Image-Is It Real?
  8. Compassion for Ourselves
  9. What the Body Can Say
  10. The Inner Vision
  11. Dreams: The Ultimate Adventure
  12. End and Beginning
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