Biorthogonal Systems in Banach Spaces

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Oktober 2007



One of the fundamental questions of Banach space theory is whether every Banach space has a basis. A space with a basis gives us a sense of familiarity and concreteness, and perhaps a chance to attempt the classification of all Banach spaces and other problems.The main goals of this book are to: -introduce the reader to some of the basic concepts, results and applications of biorthogonal systems in infinite dimensional geometry of Banach spaces, and in topology and nonlinear analysis in Banach spaces, -aim the text at graduate students and researchers who have a foundation in Banach space theory, - expose the reader to some current avenues of research in biorthogonal systems in Banach spaces, -provide notes and exercises related to the topic, suggest open problems and possible new directions of research.Numerous exercises are included, and the only prerequisites are a basic background in functional analysis. TOC:Biorthogonal Systems in Separable Spaces.- Universality and Szlenk Index.- Biorthogonal systems in nonseparable spaces.- Weakly Lindelof detemined spaces.- Weakly compactly generated spaces.- Geometry of spaces with fundamental biorthogonal systems.


Separable Banach Spaces.
Universality and the Szlenk Index.
Review of Weak Topology and Renormings.
Biorthogonal Systems in Nonseparable Spaces.
Markushevich Bases.
Weak Compact Generating.
Transfinite Sequence Spaces.
More Applications.



From the reviews:

"This monograph is devoted to the study of the different types of coordinate systems that may exist in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces. ' will certainly become a great reference book for specialists in nonseparable Banach space theory. Its contents are comprehensive and perfectly up to date. Very recent results are included and several proofs are simplified and given with their optimal form. It must be mentioned that this book is also accessible to graduate students and young researchers willing to discover this area." (Gilles Lancien, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2008 k)

"The book under review contains a clear, detailed and self-contained exposition of the modern state-of-the-art in the biorthogonal systems theory. ' one of their goals is to attract young mathematicians to Banach space theory. In my opinion, the book perfectly serves this purpose. ' Every chapter contains an exercises section. Exercises ' are supplied with hints and references to the corresponding literature."(Vladimir Kadets, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1136 (14), 2008)

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